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Sleepless I Kept the Night


Video is showing appropriated drone footage from destroyed Syrian cities. Butler together with Sontag discusses the effect of war photography. I see in both claims as well as in images we are used to seeing today, the influence of time. With a smooth movement, the drone slights between rubbles of houses and again fly up above the city – to show the scale of the destruction. Beautiful picture, terrifying view. With this footage I feel, that image of war got a new dimension. The picture is completed by a sad but pleading voice of Arabic woman reciting a poem that shows great sorrow for the life she used to live and which will never be the same again. The poem is lyrical parallel for Butler’s thought about grievability and precariousness of life.

Group exhibition The frames that blind us, APA Gallery, Budapest, 2017

Curator: Katharina Swoboda

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