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Heavy Lightness



Under or above of our world exists another one. Majority of us move there, more or less willingly, every day for many hours. It definitely and forever changed the real world and inter-human communication. Marta Fiserova is interested in the contrast of these two worlds. The author could observe the advent, advancement and partially popularization of virtual space. It seems that thanks to this time privilege she can ask questions, search the balance, compare or deepen the contrast between both worlds. She studies the way we communicate and where we ended up in the era of “digital reproducibility”. Indisputable the virtual world and connected with its technologies create a new generations gap. “Secret” codes became the language of the digitalized world. The situation that sometimes they are decoded easier and sometimes worst can be, among others, a question of flexibility and willingness to move a step further in development. Technocratic tendencies excite also a principal aversion to new technologies and selective approach to them became for many a part of life attitude.


Solo exhibition TIC Gallery, Brno, Czech Republic, 2014

Curator: Zuzana Janečková

Photo by Michaela Dvořáková

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