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Garden behind the Wall

~ exhibition catalogue ~


The exhibition Void itself was created in gradual steps – in joint dialogue with the artists involved, the architectural duo, and the philosopher. It is a collective work where one’s position is influenced or complemented by another’s. We move from the general to the specific and back again. The specific, in this case, is the former site of Prokopovy závody on Palackého třída in Pardubice. Stretching out behind a concrete wall next to the Pernštejn brewery, for years now, there has been an urban void. Alleged emptiness, that is, as it is filled with disappearing memories, visions of Trnka’s mysterious garden, urban wilderness, and economic and political reality. The area known as Prokopka will soon be urbanised again. The current chaos will once again be replaced by order, weeds by cultivars, wild fauna by homo sapiens sapiens. Through this exhibition, we bring a record of the parlous and overgrown emptiness inside the former factory grounds.

Marta Fišerová Cwiklinski relates critically in her work to personal and social experiences of space. She creates installations that are the result of detailed investigations of a particular topic. Detailed research helps her arrive at the essence of the matter, sometimes to unexpected connections, and especially to an inner satisfaction that all the places on the mind-map have been included. It is therefore no surprise that her project relates to the Prokopka grounds – apparent urban void – most specifically. It is a museum record of the site, time, narratives, and things. It points to the relativity of emptiness and the human need to amass and classify.

Group exhibition Void, GAMPA, Pardubice, Czech Republic, 2019

Curators: Šárka Zahálková, Ondřej Teplý

Exhibition views by Natalie Kratochvílová 

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